"If you're using a mouse you aren't computing very efficiently."

Browsing (in chrome)
  • Vimium (allows chrome-browsing with just a keyboard. Indispensable.)
  • Bookmark Launcher (this is my chrome start page. Can assign single letter shortcuts to bookmarks.)
  • GmailTex (allows for compiling tex as jpegs inside gmail)
  • Chrome keyboard shortcuts.
  • Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

  • Alfred (Free. Spotlight replacement.)
  • Better Touch Tool (Free. Allows for window snapping and assigning shortcuts to trackpad.)
  • TextExpander (transforms 'snippets' of text to commonly typed phrases.)
  • Flux (adjusts the intensity (different than brightness!) of display for night time.)
  • KeyRemap (lets you reassign keys, but more importantly lets you speed up and reduce delay on repeat of keys. Allows the cursor to move much faster when using arrows.)
  • ⌘+` switches windows inside an app
  • ⌘+tab switches applications