My research takes a probabilistic approach to particle systems from physics and biology. This includes models for chemical reactions, species proliferation, and epidemic outbreaks. I also study random structures from classical mathematics and computer science such as permutations and fragmented spaces. 

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PAPERS reverse arXiv postdate; *undergraduate

24. Critical percolation and A+B-->2A dynamics

23. SIR epidemics on evolving graphs
Yufeng Jiang*, Remy Kassem*, Grayson York*, Rick Durrett

22. The phase structure of asymmetric ballistic annihilation
Hanbaek Lyu

21. The contact process on periodic trees
Yufeng Jiang*, Remy Kassem*, Grayson York*, Brandon Zhao*,  Xianqying Huang, Rick Durrett

20. The frog model on trees with drift
Electronic Communications in Probability
Erin Beckman, Natalie Frank*, Yufeng Jiang*, Si Tang

19. Coexistence in chase escape
Rick Durrett, Si Tang

18. The upper threshold in ballistic annihilation
Debbie Burdinski*, Shrey Gupta*

17. Parking on transitive unimodular graphs
Annals of Applied Probability
Janko Gravner, Hanbaeck Lyu, David Sivakoff

16. Poisson percolation on the oriented square lattice
Irina Cristali*, Rick Durrett

15. Poisson percolation on the square lattice
Irina Cristali*, Rick Durrett

14. Block size in Geometric(p)-biased permutations
Irina Cristali*, Vinit Ranjan*, Jake Steinberg*, Erin Beckman, Rick Durrett, James Nolen

13. Asymptotic behavior of the Brownian frog model
Erin Beckman, Emily Dinan, Rick Durrett, Ran Huo

12. Cover time for the frog model on trees
In revision at Forum of Math, Sigma
Christopher Hoffman, Tobias Johnson

11. Infection spread for the frog model on trees
Christopher Hoffman, Tobias Johnson

10. Coalescing random walk on unimodular graphs
Eric Foxall. Tom Hutchcroft

9. The bullet problem with discrete speeds
Brittany Dygert*, Christoph Kinzel*, Jennifer Zhu*, Annie Raymond, Erik Slivken

8. Ewens sampling and invariable generation
Gerandy Brito, Christopher Fowler, Avi Levy

7. Frog model wakeup time on the complete graph
Nikki Carter*, Brittany Dygert*, Stephen Lacina*, Collin Litterell*, Austin Stromme*

6. Stochastic orders and the frog model
Tobias Johnson

5. Site recurrence for coalescing random walk
Electronic Communications in Probability
Itai Benjamini, Eric Foxall, Ori Gurel-Gurevich, Harry Kesten

4. The critical density for the frog model is the degree of the tree
Tobias Johnson

3. From transience to recurrence with Poisson tree frogs
Christopher Hoffman, Tobias Johnson

2. Choices, intervals and equidistribution

1. Recurrence and transience for the frog model on trees
Christopher Hoffman, Tobias Johnson

Oriented Poisson percolation and the critical threshold.


Diffusion limited annihilation.

The Brownian frog model.

Ballistic annihilation (from Tournier and Sidoravicius 2017).

An epidemic on an evolving network.