Math 690-40: Discrete interacting particle systems

 1Intro, Bullet process bullet preprint 
 2Bullet process  NO CLASS THURSDAY 
3The frog model: cover time
complete graph
4The frog model: recurrence and transience on trees 1-per-site
Critical density 
 5The frog model: stochastic ordersstochastic orders 
 6Coalescing random walkbounded graphs 
 7CRW and Stochastic social dynamics Aldous
 8Stochastic social dynamics  
 9The power of two choices Discrete
 10The power of two choices Continuous
 11The spin and loop O(n) models notes 
 12The spin and loop O(n) models 
 13Ewens sampling and invariable generation 
 14Ewens sampling and invariable generation  

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