Some of my hobbies are cycling, photography, songwriting, and competitive storytelling.

  • My flickr has some photos I've taken.

  • I wrote and recorded an album in 2017.

  • Here is a story I told for The Monti about teaching in prisons.

I am passionate about prison education. I taught for Freedom Education Exchange Puget Sound during my PhD, the Friday Center during my postdoc, and currently work with the Bard Prison Initiative. Photo ops are rare, but here are a few: 1 2 3.

  • A writeup about teaching math at Dan River Prison.

  • A feature about prison teaching in the PNW MAA Newsletter.

  • I taught the first-ever college math class in a WA women's prison. See the FEPPS newsletter.

Miscellaneous accomplishments include:

Some NYC restaurants and places that I recommend